Birmingham’s Strategies


This list of strategies largely relate to the economic, employment, spatial and environmental plans and strategies that have been created by Birmingham City Council or strongly influenced by them. It doesn’t cover service deliver plans and strategies on social services, education etc unless there is a clear link through.

It is often hard to really assess the strategic direction of Birmingham as there is no one place where you can get an overview; no one overarching strategy with a hierarchy of strategies. This is a small attempt to piece together the strategic wrap around the City. It concentrates on the economic, environmental and spatial aspects initially. It lists contact emails where I am aware who is leading on them. Please let me know if these are incorrect.

All items highlighted in red are new additions (i.e in the last few months)

Latest Additions

It has been many years since I looked at this website as I was getting my hands dirty at The Old Print Works. My day to day involvement there has finished so I thought I would look at this again. It will take time to update it

Climate Change

Carbon Emissions Birmingham

The above graph is from the Birmingham City Council’s Action Plan for Route To Zero (R20)

2022 Version R20 Action Plan 2022


Some documents I pulled together for a visit of Dutch colleagues to Digbeth. It is hard to get a good overview of the plans in Digbeth. Hence these links might help.

  • I have included an HS2 plan from the City Council in 2015
  • The Future City Plan which covers the City Centre including Dibeth and is aspirational (not a formal plan) and not really very specific.
  • Two documents from the Oval Estates planning application for the Custard Factory area (The Creative Area). (Environmental Statement Non Technical Summary and The Design and Access Statement) There are 293 documents in total in their planning application!
  • An article by Community Architect Joe Holyoak on the Oval Scheme.
  • The Smithfield Masterplan. This is the redevelopment of the old Wholesale Market. The site is largely clear now and is being used for temporary uses. The Council has chosen a development partner for this so whilst much of the Oval Scheme is aspirational/ long term, Smithfields will be progressing fairly shortly I believe. This is on the edges of Digbeth/The City Centre.

As of October 2021

West Midlands Combined Authority SEP – MAKING OUR MARK June 2016

The new Strategic Economic Plan for the West Midlands up to 2030. This sets out the context for the devolution agreement and explains how new powers and resources will deliver an ambitious vision for the region.

Download here

Website here

Statistical Analysis of Women in the Labour Market in Birmingham May 2015 download here

Birmingham Skills Investment Plan February 2016

Cabinet Report

Birmingham Skills Investment Plan

Appendix Birmingham Skills Supply and Demand

Background Statistics on Birmingham’s Economy produced by the Regional Observatory – January 2016

City Economic Briefing January 2016

West Midlands Combined Authority Devolution Deal November 2015

Download here

Draft West Midlands Combined Authority Negotiating Document  (Sept 25th 2015)

Article in the Coventry Telegraph – here

Full document here

SilkThe Silk Reporton the Life Sciences Sector and its potential in  Greater Birmingham supported by GBSLEP (July 2015)

Web page here (on the excellent Birmingham Science city site)

Down load here

ONS Report on English City Regions.July 2015 – Showing the up hill task that the West Midlands Combined Authority has. . (thanks to Tom Forth)


Midlands HS2 Growth Strategy – published by GBSLEP July 2015

download here

web page here

Movement for Growth  The consultation draft of the West Midlands Strategic Transport Plan July 2015


Chamberlain Files Article here

West Midlands Combined Authority Statement of Intent July 2015

Website here  and new WMCA website here

Document here

Key points

The WMCA has identified five early delivery priorities:

  • Developing an overarching Strategic Plan for the West Midlands
  • Access to a Finance and Collective Investment Vehicle
  • Getting the transport offer right for the long term
  • Creation of an economic policy and intelligence capacity
  • A joint programme on skills

The WMCA proposes to establish three major new independent commissions to help shape the future of the Combined Authority.  It will be seeking support from government to deliver these commissions.  They are:

  • The West Midlands Productivity Commission
  • The West Midlands Land Commission
  • The West Midlands Commission on Mental Health and Public Services


Birmingham City Council Leaders Policy Statement June 2012

Web page including video of speech here

Download Policy Statement here

Birmingham City Council Leader’s Policy Statement July 2013 

Web page  here

Download Policy Statement here

Speech here 

Birmingham City Council Leader’s Policy Statement July 2014

Press Release here

Download Policy Statement here

Speech here

Birmingham City Council Leader’s Policy Statement June 2015

Web Page here

Speech here

Download Policy Statement here

 Council Plan

Web page here

Council Business Plan 2012+ web page here

Download here

Greater Birmingham European and International Strategy June 10th 2013

Committee Report (here)

Strategy (here)


Contact: Officer:

GBSLEP Skills For Growth Action Plan July 2013

Web page (here)

Plan Download (here)

Summary  download (here)

Apprenticeship Plan down load (here)

GBSLEP  Strategy for Growth (May 2nd 2013)

Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP web page here

Download the strategy here

One Page Summary of Strategy for Growth Targets (here)

Achievements to date  May 2013 here

Evidence Base for Strategy for Growth (here) (May 2013)

GBSLEP White Paper: Strategy for Growth (Draft for consultation)

Website: here

Download: here

GBSLEP Enterprise Zone

Enterprise Zone web page here

Enterprise Zone Prospectus January 2013 here

City Centre Enterprise Zone Investment Plan July 2014 

Enterprise Zone Investment Plan

Download here

  Web page here

Update on Progress of City Centre Enterprise Zone and Economic Zones

April 2014 – Report to Birmingham Economy and Jobs Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Report here

Map here

Enterprise Zone Investment Plan June 2012 here (outdated)

Enterprise Zone Update Board Member Chris Webster July 2013  (here)

Contact: Officer:

Heseltine’s No Stone Unturned

GBSLEP’s web page on No Stone Unturned here

Heseltine’s No Stone Unturned here

The Treasury Response to No Stone Unturned here

The Greater Birmingham Project: The Path to Local Growth: Heseltine summary: here

The Greater Birmingham Project: The Path to Local Growth: here

Birmingham City Deal

City Deal web page: here

City Deal Full Document: here

City Deal Summary: here

GBSLEP Strategic Framework Spatial Plan (this has now been retitled the Spatial Plan for Recovery and Growth) 

Contact: Officer:

Web Page here

GBSLEP Spatial Plan for Recovery and Growth – September 2013

There is a consultation on this draft plan currently

Web site here and here

Download here

GBSLEP Strategic Economic Plan (March 2014-April 2014)

Draft download from here March 2014

Final SEP here  April 2013

GBSLEP Growth Deal here (July 2014)

Extra Growth Deal Funding  here (January 2015)

GBSLEP DRAFT European Structural and Investment Fund Strategy October 7th 2013

Web page  here

Download here

Final submission here  (January 2014)


Big City Plan:

Contact: Officer

Website here

Big City Plan download here


Draft City Centre Retail Strategy (September 2014)

Web Page here

Download here 

Birmingham Connected: Birmingham’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. 13th November 2014  White Paper download here

Review of potential Funding Sources download here

Web Page – with background and further downloads here

Consultation Draft Birmingham Mobility Action Plan (outdated)

Web Page here

My review post here

Review of the Impact of the A38 tunnels closure Summer 2013

Download here

Visions for Movement – City Centre Tranportation Strategy

Contact: Officer

Website here

Download here

Visions for Movement 2

Presentation here

Birmingham wide Visions Transport Strategy for Birmingham download here

A twenty year strategy prepared in 2001. Dated but still extant?

Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategy (Dec 2010)

Web Page here

Download here

Birmingham’s Cycling Strategy 2011-2015

Web Page here

Download here

Overview and Scrutiny Report. Changing Gear: Transforming Urban Movement through Cycling and Walking in Birmingham April 2013 here

Review on Birmingham Central Blog of this Review April 2013 here

(This report doesn’t formally bind the Council as it is a scrutiny report and not a cabinet or cabinet member report)

Birmingham’a £17m Cycle Revolution Bid to the DoT April 2013

Download main part of the application here

Web page here

There are a number of appendices that  can be downloaded from the web page

Cycle Ambition – Second Phase  – funding up to 2018     March 2015

Details here 

HS2 Overview and scrutiny committees

Looking at how to maximise the local beneficial impact

download information here

New Pinch point Funding Schemes Tranche 2 May 31st 2013

Over £9m of investment planned for  the following roundabouts on the ring road

  • Bordesley Circus: A4540 Watery Lane Middleway / B4128 Coventry Road / A45 Small Heath Highway;
  • Holloway Circus: A38 Suffolk Street Queensway / Smallbrook Queensway / A38 Bristol Street / B4127 Holloway Head;
  • Haden Circus: A4540 Belgrave Middleway / A4540 Highgate Middleway / A4167 Highgate Road / A435 Haden way;
  • Curzon Circle: A4540 Lawley Middleway / B4132 Vauxhall Road / Curzon Street; and
  • Ashted Circus: A4540 Lawley Middleway / B4114 Jennens Road / A4540 Dartmouth Middleway / A47 Nechells Parkway.

Details here

Latest Thinking from Birmingham City Council on the Introduction of 20mph Zones.  September 18th 2013

In summary the approach subject to consultation it to cover most residential roads and selected parts of A and B roads such as Kings Heath High Street  

Download here  

Proposals for 20mph areas here  April 2014

Birmingham’s Low Carbon Transport Strategy 2011 (outdated)

Download here

Birmingham’s Carbon Roadmap  November 2013

Download here

Background Papers can be found  here

Economic Zones here

Economic Zone (including the Enterprise Zone) Update Report April 16th 2013 here

Original Presentation here

Updated Presentation here

Update on Progress of City Centre Enterprise Zone and Economic Zones

April 2014 – Report to Birmingham Economy and Jobs Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Report here

Map here

Economic Strategy 2005-2015 (outdated but extant?)

Website here

Download here

Manufacturing Strategy (outdated but extant?)

Download here

The Green Commission:

Work is going on to develop a number of more detailed proposals.

Contact: Politician: 

Officer: @greenbirmingham

Web Page here

The Green Commission Vision Statement: here

Audio Statement on the Vision Statement from Cllr James Mckay here

  • Report on Birmingham’s CO2 Emissions Target Baseline here
  • Report on National contribution to local carbon reduction here
  • Birmingham Carbon Plan analysis here

Low Carbon Infrastructure (Mobility) Plan February 2015 here

The Smart City Commission: here and here

Smart City Road Map here

Smart City Blog  here


The Smart City Commission are inviting comments on the actions planned

Contact: Politician:

Officer: @digibrum

Birmingham’s Smart City Vision: here

Creative City Memorandum of Understanding

MOU here

Research Study here

Pitch to BBC for Innovation Hub

Web page here

download file here

Birmingham’s Development Plan

Contact Officer: Not known

Birmingham Plan 2031  – downloads here

Pre Submission statutory consultation document September 2013

Green Living Spaces Plan

Web page here

Draft :Green Living Spaces Plan download here

Final published version download here September 2013

Birmingham’s Conservation Strategy

Web Page here

Down load here

Birmingham’s Heritage Strategy

Download here

Birmingham’s Housing Strategies: Already all in one place

Web Page here


Contact: Officer

The White Paper, Making Birmingham an Inclusive Cityhere

Air Quality Action Plan 2011 

Web page (here)

Download (here)


Planning former West Midlands County Council geographical area (not the same as the GBSLEP area). Although the LEP may become the Integrated Transport Authority. They have established a Strategic Transportation Group link here

Centro Local transport Plan Strategy 2011-2026 web page heredownload here

Centro ‘Towards a World Class Integrated Transport Network’ April 2013

Web Page  here

Download Executive Summary here

Download Full document here

Download Presentation here


Inward Investment (Marketing Birmingham)

Contact officer

Key sectors for Inward Investment Summary Report here

Sector Approach here

Birmingham and black Country Wildlife Trust

Nature Improvement areas

Web Page here

West Midlands Low Emissions Towns and Cities Programme (here)

An draft air quality strategy out for consultation in April 2013


Economic Research and Analysis – Birmingham City Council


Website here

General Economic Information

  • Local Economic Assessment for Birmingham. Birmingham City Council December 2014 download here
  • Local Economic Assessment August 2011 download here
  • Birmingham Economic Profile June 2010 download here
  • Monthly Economic Update download here
  • High Growth Firms Study May 2011 here

There are various different sector profiles on this webpage.

Labour Market Statistics

Birmingham City Council

Key Facts Download area here

Business Birmingham

Introduction page to a lot of useful facts here

The Regional Observatory

Background Statistics on Birmingham’s Economy produced by the Regional Observatory – August 2015


Background Statistics on Birmingham’s Economy produced by the Regional Observatory – April 2015




  1. Alan Stedall · · Reply

    Good grief ! What a plethora of strategies ! How on earth do you being about coherence and focus with so many disparate strategies ?

    On the face if it, some form of rationalisation and/or structure is called for.

    1. I guess that is one of the reasons why I have put them up to encourage the City Council firstly to do it itself and secondly to get them to think about rationalisation and thirdly to encourage them to have one document that pulls them together; that tells the world what is the main thrust of the strategic approach of the City Council.

  2. A really useful list – but very daunting! It feels rather a long way from joined up thinking at the moment.

    1. Yes I agree…it is crying out for an overview document – like but much better than Boris Johnson’s New Vision for London. A document that ties them together and gives them a structure and a hierarchy. A document that summarises the narrative of our collective strategies.

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