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Smart Sustainable Districts – An EU initiative

Whilst the bruising battle between the Brexiteers and those wishing to remain in the EU fights itself out daily on our airways – the EU continues with much of its good work – largely unnoticed and  unheralded – certainly in the UK. Not many of you will have heard of the Climate KIC programme from […]

EU Smart Cities – An Update

This is a short post to highlight the work that has started recently on 3 projects funded by the European Union specifically promoting the Smart City agenda. The projects are being funded under the Horizon 2020 programme. This policy area though funded by H2020 is being steered by a wide partnership approach. This body is […]

EU OpenDays 2014 – 12th European week of Regions and Cities

Just got back from this annual event and thought I would briefly summarise my experiences and thoughts. Well the sessions are mainly about EU Structural funds or as they are generally known now as ESIF. The trouble was for this year we are right at the end of one period and right at the beginning […]

Fascinating Event coming up: The Cross Innovation Conference October16th/17th

This event which has both great European speakers but also a hands on Blender event will look at how the Creative Industries can assist other sectors to Innovate. To book your place go to

Cities and Regions at EU Open Days

This is just a short post to let you know about a fantastic event that happens every year in Brussels – EU Open Days – where cities and regions and a range of experts get to talk about how they are investing EU structural funds but also to consider deeper things like the review of […]

Superfast Broadband – the difficulties of delivering it in Birmingham, the UK and even France

It is strange how some posts come out of little things. I replied to a tweet (@globalbirminghm – if you didn’t know) yesterday about how France is having problems getting its plans for Next Generation Broadband part funded by the European Commission using ERDF. I tweeted,  as shown, suggesting that the UK had had similar […]

Greater Birmingham’s Office in Brussels

Not many people know it but there is a Greater Birmingham and West Midlands office in Brussels run by Birmingham City Council but with partner support from a number of the region’s Universities and other organisations. This office keeps partners informed about funding opportunities and provides the space for events (it has an excellent location) […]

European Funding in the West Midlands 2014-20

I thought it was worth sharing my presentation to the West Midlands Economic Forum’s event on ‘Financial Flows’. My presentation was on European Funding in the West Midlands. After all the doom and gloom it turns out when you add the figures up the initial allocations to the region are 18% higher that in the […]

Cities, Structural Funds and Smart Specialisation- What is the emerging picture

I want to look at the emerging role of cities in the new EU structural funds in a forthcoming blog post and wondered if there was feedback/ or anyone had information/sources on 1) Proposed Delegations down to Cities under the ITI initiative 2) Whether the 5% figure for Sustainable Urban Development is a minimum or […]

Smart Spaces – Smart Energy Bills

I came across a press release from Birmingham City Council today with a podcast outlining its involvement in a project called SmartSpaces. This is of interest to me because it is about energy saving in public buildings and it is funded through Europe. For the specialists amongst you it is funded through the CIP ICT […]



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