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How Greater Manchester overtook the West Midlands

This is a simple and short post. All the discussions recently about how Greater Manchester is enhancing its joint working yet further compared to the slow but tentative progress on joint working in the West Midlands started me thinking – well how have these two powerhouses been doing in recent years. The graph below is […]

How should Birmingham react to a Global Report on Climate Change

Has it happened to you? You realised you have missed an important document in your field? Well it happened to me when I was listening to Albert Bore giving his Brussels speech in October 2014  on how cities and regions can lead in the response to climate change. Now I don’t think this is a […]

Fascinating Event coming up: The Cross Innovation Conference October16th/17th

This event which has both great European speakers but also a hands on Blender event will look at how the Creative Industries can assist other sectors to Innovate. To book your place go to http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cross-innovation-final-conference-and-blender-workshop-tickets-7084757701

Innovation Districts: A new concept with applicability to Birmingham

I went to a really interesting talk recently in London given by Bruce Katz  (@bruce_katz) from the Brookings Institute hosted by the Centre for London. He talked about his report ‘The Rise of Innovation Districts: A New Geography of Innovation in the USA co written with Julie Wagner (@wagnerjk).   These Innovation Districts are urban centres where innovative […]

Cities and Regions at EU Open Days

This is just a short post to let you know about a fantastic event that happens every year in Brussels – EU Open Days – where cities and regions and a range of experts get to talk about how they are investing EU structural funds but also to consider deeper things like the review of […]

Where is the public debate on City Region Governance in Birmingham

I am returning to an old bug bear today. This was not planned but I was following by chance a public event/debate in Manchester relayed on twitter about #joiningtherevolution . This was a public debate with Howard Bernstein and others talking about the importance of working together with Liverpool and Leeds to further the economic […]

The Rise of Collaborative Workspace – in Birmingham

I just came across this video from Hub Westminster which really neatly describes the growth of co-working/co-enterprise spaces and what Hub Westminster entails.   Up until recently co-working had largely passed Birmingham by but now things are stirring in the forest and I think it is worth noting the rapid progress that is being made. […]

London’s Transportation Investment is not the Problem

There has been a lot of comment in recent months and years about the imbalance of transport investment between London and the rest of the English cities and regions and undoubtedly it is fair comment – investment is hugely imbalanced as the following graphic from the recent IPPR North report Still on the Wrong Track (May […]

Superfast Broadband – the difficulties of delivering it in Birmingham, the UK and even France

It is strange how some posts come out of little things. I replied to a tweet (@globalbirminghm – if you didn’t know) yesterday about how France is having problems getting its plans for Next Generation Broadband part funded by the European Commission using ERDF. I tweeted,  as shown, suggesting that the UK had had similar […]

Festivals Birmingham – This Surely Must be Work In Progress

Are you like me; you see something new in your city – you want to check it out? Well- emblazoned all over Birmingham in recent weeks are flags and posters announcing – Festivals Birmingham – A City of Surprises. Well the idea wasn’t a big surprise to me as way back in 2012 Albert Bore […]



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