Birmingham’s Strategy Documents: All in One Place- SEE SEPARATE PAGE

It is often hard to really assess the strategic direction of Birmingham as there is no one place where you can get an overview; no one overarching strategy with a hierarchy of strategies. This is a small attempt to piece together the strategic wrap around the City. It concentrates on the economic, environmental and spatial aspects initially. It lists contact emails where I am aware who  is leading on them. Please let me know if these are incorrect.


Contact:  Officer: 

GBSLEP White Paper: Strategy for Growth  (Draft for consultation)

Website: here

Download: here

Work is being finalised on a revised Strategy for Growth taking on board consultation responses and updating it to bring in the Heseltine Review. This should be launched in mid April 2013

GBSLEP Enterprise Zone

Enterprise Zone web page  here  

Enterprise Zone Prospectus January 2013  here  

Enterprise Zone Investment Plan June 2012 here 

Contact:  Officer:

 Heseltine’s No Stone Unturned

GBSLEP’s web page on No Stone Unturned here 

Heseltine’s No Stone Unturned  here 

The Treasury Response to No Stone Unturned here 

The Greater Birmingham Project: The Path to Local Growth: Heseltine summary:  here  

The Greater Birmingham Project: The Path to Local Growth:  here 

Birmingham City Deal

City Deal web page: here 

City Deal Full Document:  here

City Deal Summary: here  

 GBSLEP Strategic Framework Spatial Plan

       Contact: Officer:

Web Page  here 


Big City Plan:

Contact: Officer

Website here

Big City Plan download here

Visions for Movement – City Centre Tranportation Strategy

Contact: Officer

Website  here

Download  here

Visions for Movement 2

Presentation   here

Birmingham wide Visions Transport Strategy for Birmingham  download here

A twenty year strategy prepared in 2001. Dated but still extant?

Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategy (Dec 2010)

Web Page  here

Download  here

Birmingham’s Cycling Strategy 2011-2015

Web Page here

Download here

Overview and Scrutiny Report. Changing Gear: Transforming Urban Movement through Cycling and Walking in Birmingham April 2013 here

Review on Birmingham Central Blog of this Review  April 2013  here

(This report doesn’t formally bind the Council as it is a scrutiny report and not a cabinet or cabinet member report)

Economic Zones  here

Economic Strategy 2005-2015 (outdated but extant?)

Website  here

Download  here

Manufacturing Strategy (outdated but extant?)

Download  here

The Green Commission:

Work is going on to develop a number of more detailed proposals.

Contact: Politician: @jrmckay

              Officer:  @greenbirmingham

Web Page  here  

The Green Commission Vision Statement: here

Audio Statement on the Vision Statement from Cllr James Mckay  here

    • Report on Birmingham’s CO2 Emissions Target Baseline  here   
    • Report on National contribution to local carbon reduction  here  
    • Birmingham Carbon Plan analysis here


The Smart City Commission:  here  and here  

Work is currently going on an action plan which will be launched later in the year.

Contact: Politician:  @jrmackay

 Officer:  @digibrum

Birmingham’s Smart City Vision:  here

Creative City Memorandum of Understanding

MOU here  

Research Study  here

 Birmingham’s Development Plan

 Contact Officer:

Draft Core Strategy – website here

 – download here

The Core Strategy has now become the Birmingham Development Plan

Birmingham Development Plan Options Consultation – here

 Birmingham City Council are currently considering the consultation responses to the BDP Optionjs Consultation

Green Living Spaces Plan

Web page here

Draft :Green Living Spaces Plan download here

Birmingham’s Conservation Strategy

Web Page  here

Down load  here

Birmingham’s Housing Strategies: Already all in one place

Web Page  here


Contact: Officer

The  White Paper, Making Birmingham an Inclusive City – here


Planning former West Midlands County Council geographical area (not the same as the GBSLEP area). Although the LEP may become the Integrated Transport Authority. They have established a  Strategic Transportation Group link here

Centro Local transport Plan Strategy 2011-2026  web page   here download  here


Inward Investment (Marketing Birmingham)

Contact officer

Key sectors for Inward Investment Summary Report here

Sector Approach here

Birmingham and black Country Wildlife Trust

Nature Improvement areas

Web Page here


Economic Research and Analysis – Birmingham City Council


Website  here

General Economic Information

      • Local Economic Assessment August 2011  download here
      • Birmingham Economic Profile June 2010 download here
      • Monthly Economic Update download here
      • High Growth Firms Study  May 2011  here

There are various different sector profiles on this webpage.

Labour Market Statistics

Birmingham City Council

Key Facts Download area  here

Business Birmingham

Introduction page to a lot of useful facts   here



  1. Looks like Central government or the EU needs you…..with documents such as this.

    All these initiatives are, of course, important but they need to lead to a city that ‘feels’ that it’s good to be in. Real not world-domination-fantasy notions. Some of those factors are hard, but seemingly not impossible, to create: funkiness; enterprise; a Mayor ?; feels like it’s growing-not decaying. The sum of the parts must gel…..hard to achieve…

    And: less litter; good public transport…..core stuff that works is very important.

  2. Great work. Keep it up 🙂

  3. Zubeda L · · Reply

    Fantastic resource.

  4. Tony Smith · · Reply

    Perhaps we should just open up the web site to bloggers such as yourself Patrick!? Have brought your efforts to the attention of colleagues…

    1. Tony, Well the Council is consulting on a new website at present…so there is opportunity for radical change …but it is not the website that is important it is the co-ordination of these strategies behind the scenes.
      Thanks for sharing internally.

  5. Maybe,in these new-perhaps more cooperative times- almost everything that BCC does needs to be available for public consumption. Reports, job profiles, information, notes of meetings, expenses etc etc

    1. A default position of openness. Why not…as long as it is not just adding to bureaucracy

      1. Really open; not faux-open, would/ could diminish bureaucracy. But requires a mind-change from BCC. It doesn’t own; it’s there to assist the public; not enable itself.

      2. It thinks it is assisting the public. Complete openness will never happen in the combative political system we have currently

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